Aug 20, 2008

Japanese Funky Freaks

Timothy Leary once said that the "alien" intelligences he has communicated with during some of his more intense psychedelic experiences told him that the most advanced "race" on Earth were the Japanese. Many mystics and visionaries claim that the human race is on the climb towards the next phase of our evolution, and that we are to essentially become non-corporeal beings, creatures existing of pure energy, able to travel the stars and flit through time. Apparently the Japanese are way ahead of the curve on this.

It is also the case that in human endeavors, like in physics, equal and opposite reactions occur. For all their enlightened nature and zen simplicity and advanced spirituality, the Japanese are also masters of some of the most depraved and twisted sexual fetishes, for example, tentacle porn. The Japanese gobble up hentai movies of women being sodomized by monsters with penis-tentacles. They love this freaky shit! They also enjoy making twisted images of nubile young women engaging in bizarre masturbation. Japan is the future, and the future looks kinky.

The artist is named Yuji Moriguchi. An interview with him can be found here, from .

(*Thanks to floatingslowly from the Sonic Youth Forum for the images.)

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