Aug 11, 2008

-Fuppets- Science Update!

The picture above is from 2003, when a team of Tokyo graduate students showed the capabilities of this technology. Can you imagine how amazing the current crop is? The complete findings, and images I hope, are to be released in the Journals NATURE and SCIENCE later this week.
Cloning uses a new class of material called metamaterials. Metamaterials are mixtures of metal and circuit board materials such as ceramic, Teflon or fibre composite.
Holy fuck, I love the future. The future is here people. It always is. You better keep your eyes peeled or it will pass you by.
Soon we will have whole armies of secret police roaming the streets of the United States, all wearing invisibility cloaks, keeping tabs on us freaks and weirdos. Yeah, so I am a bit pessimistic about the many ways in which something like an "invisibility cloak" can be used. Can you blame me? Have you not been paying attention to the kind of freaked out shit that the USA Government does to it's own people on a regular basis? Shit.
Oh well, it is still supremely bad-ass. I bet the pervert peeping toms of the world just got a collective pervert hard-on.
Here is a more in-depth article from Science Daily about this!

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