Aug 21, 2008

Bigfoot Hoax, a "Joke"

The two men who claimed to have found/killed a Bigfoot and filmed a family of Bigfeet have admitted that it was all supposed to be a joke. One of the men, a police officer, has been fired for pulling this stupid bullshit. His boss, rightly so, states that the former police officer's credibility has been shattered, to which the idiot replies that he does not "think this affects [his] credibility at all because this is Bigfoot." Here is a CNN interview with the two idiots.

Oh well, half the fun of these things is the possibility that something this weird could be true, and it was a fun ride. What a shame. Now, if someone will finally admit that the whole concept of a "god" was originally a big joke too, then humanity could really get into something good and productive. -FUPPETS- waits with bated breath.

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