Aug 19, 2008

Are The Dead Now Decoration?

-FUPPETS- feels it is every human's inalienable right to choose what happens to one's body after death. The options are nearly endless, from cremation and ash-scattering, to internment in a crypt, to sending one's ashes into outer space on top of a rocket. What does it really matter anyway, right? I mean, dead is dead. The one thing to consider though, is that funeral rites and services are not for the dead, but for the relatives and friends and enemies of the dead.
Ritual is very important in human life, and the rituals that surround the death of someone are only experienced once per person. Now, is it really the best option post-mortem to have your body embalmed and rigged so it can stand around at your very own wake?
That is what Angel Pantoja Medina thought! He...
"apparently told his family that when he passed away, he wanted to stand upright
through his wake. Well, his family granted his wish. Dressed in a Yankees cap,
sunglasses and a gold chain, Angel was mourned by family members while standing tall in his mother's living room for 3 days.
The funeral home told The Associated Press that they used a special embalming treatment to keep him standing. His brother said, "He wanted to be happy, standing." -

As you can see in the image below, the motherfucker looks CRAZY. The police are still investigating his death. He was found dead under a bridge.

This would be a very odd request to have to carry out, but it seems that his family figured, "what the hell?" and had the mortician prop that crazy fuck up in the corner of the room.

Angel does not look like the kind of dude that would tolerate his cousins kissing his dead face though.

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